Expert or a team to support your project

We deliver our expertise when ever you need it.

We deliver expertise

We deliver expertise when ever you need it – whether it be an individual specialist, or an entire developer team for your project! Our business is based on finding solutions and sometimes the exact solution is the right kind of expert.

With our intelligent platform, Caleo, we make acquisition, management and sales of ICT experts efficient and effortless, serving the needs of your organization.

Our network offers

We deliver expertise for your business needs.

Project managers,

Strategic planning,
Configuration services


AI, BI, Machine learning

Web development, 
Cloud Services

Mobile Development (iOS, Android, hybrid)

UI/UX Design,
Service Design

Cyber Security

IT-  ja network services


Embedded SW





We offer commissions and the opportunity to join the network. Codemen therefore handles the sale of projects and the partner company can focus on the essential – working on the project.

We also offer help resource your own projects. Our partner company Q-Factory supports testing, test automation and quality assurance tasks.

International network

Besides our services in Finland, we have expanded our network.
With our new international nearshore-network we can offer experts even faster than before.

In Finland you’ll find us as Codemen, but internationally we operate under the name of BestCoders.

Satisfied customers

The quality of collaboration is reflected in our latest customer satisfaction survey, where our customers gave us excellent feedback.



We measure our Net Promoter Score frequently.



Communication before and during the project has been fluent.



I am overall satisfied working with Codemen.



The expert has met our expectations.

Caleo unites

Behind our successful customer service is Caleo.

Caleo is a platform that makes aquiring ICT-experts efficient. With this platform you can search and control experts with ease from only one place.

Solution Accelerator

Ideation workshop

Concrete solutions

Viable ideas.

In the Solution Accelerator, ideas become services of the future.

The Solution Accelerator is a half-day workshop, where we determine together with the customer what we want to achieve and why. We brainstorm alternatives together and make decisions based on these ideas. In the accelerator, we consider what kind of features the solution must have and conduct prioritization – we obtain a clear picture of needs and viable ideas. Based on all of this, we can recommend a project for our customer that responds to their expectations.

The price of the Solution Accelerator is 500€ + VAT, and if it leads to ongoing cooperation, we reimburse the customer for the cost of the Solution Accelerator.

Do you want to test out your idea in practice?

A successful service is functional, intelligent, and makes people happy

Let’s build a successful digital service together. You will receive it from us either as a partial delivery or as a complete, ready-made service. Let’s start designing the service by brainstorming together and making the ideas come true with agile software development. We ensure the quality and reliability of your service with the help of our partner’s testing and quality assurance services.