Finland’s largest expert network of software companies and developers enables successful digital services – join us!

Why a network?

Over 3,500 satisfied experts belong to the Codemen network

Codemen has its origins in the idea of joining forces, so that world-class experts can offer joint services and consulting for software projects. We knew that, together, we were greater than the sum of our parts and could take on the challenge of Finland’s sustainable digital development.
We now specialise in IT project management and sales. This means that, as a member of our network, you can focus on your core expertise while we handle the rest.



As a network member, you can engage in more interesting assignments. Your work will affect the everyday lives of millions of Finns and contribute to the success of single companies. You will be part of the sustainable digital development of our society!


Training and


We offer all network members the opportunity to develop and improve their professional skills. You will network and learn new things in useful training sessions and topical events. Get involved!




As a network member, you will receive benefits (optimised through tendering) from our partners. These benefits, which are of monetary value, will become yours as soon as you join our network.




Our network also functions bilaterally. If you need consulting or additional resources for your work, you can obtain them via the Codemen network.

Start networking

Do you want to help build successful digital services?

We offer companies in our network the opportunity to develop software in world-class projects. Our network consists of member companies with experienced programming and consulting professionals.

What special skills can you bring to the sustainable, digital development of Finland?

Power for software development


  • Software development
  • Testing and quality assurance


  • Software robotics
  • Artificial intelligence


  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • #ui
  • #ux
  • #devops
  • #qa
  • #ai
  • #rpa



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Finland’s largest expert network of software companies...
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Do you want information on our open assignments? By joining the Codemen network, you can be among the first to hear about them.

Our network members have been developing services for Finland’s largest public-sector organisations and enterprises. The services of the Finnish Defence Forces, Tampere3 and KELA, which are used by millions of Finns each day, bear the hallmark of our expertise.


When can we meet?

If you are interested in joining the Codemen expert network, get in touch and let’s meet!
Because we regard all of our experts as important, we want to meet our forthcoming members in person.

Kuvassa: Jesse Kumpulainen

Jesse Kumpulainen


+358 50 409 3338

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