We are reliable partner for hundreds of Finnish companies and deliver expertise for public administration.


Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Finland Oy manufactures analyzers for quality assurance and recycling.

Outsourcing development ensures that the company’s own experts can focus on their expertise, while external professional is responsible for the user interface development.

Helsinki logo

The City of Helsinki

Helsinki‘s vision is to be the most functional city in the world. The city is investing in the development of proactive services and the utilization of data and artificial intelligence.

We have been partners with Helsinki since August 2019, implementing this vision, and building a smarter and more user-friendly city.


The State Information and Communication Technology Center Valtori is an agency operating in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Finance, which provides industry-independent ICT services to state administration organizations.

Codemen has been working with Valtori since 2014. In addition to project management and Junior ICT expert services, Codemen provides testing and quality assurance, together with our partner Q-Factory.

Porkka Finland

The cooperation between the refrigeration equipment manufacturer Porkka Finland Oy and the software development house AtoZ got its spark through the Codemen network.


Teleste builds and maintains networked society and makes our daily lives smoother, smarter and safer. Their products and services bring television and broadband services to homes, guide the use of public transport, and increase the safety of public places.

At Teleste, our experts worked as developers of passenger information systems.


We supported Fingrid in testing and developing the Titta-Datahub migration process. We designed and made improvements to the technical package of the multi-vendor environment.


We carried out the development and continuous maintenance of the PVA transaction system. The purpose of the system is to assist in the safe and intelligent management of the conscript's entire life cycle.

Business Finland

We supported Business Finland in the use and development of the CRM system, e.g. developing data quality management and related reporting.


Tampere3 is a joint project of Tampere universities. We implemented system integration, integration testing, quality assurance and user interface design for the project.

Statistics Finland

Codemen has supported Statistics Finland with e.g. project lead services and data lake implementation for PÄRE system that responds to climate change, circular economy and energy transition issues.