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The largest software development business network in Finland. We bring together Finland’s best consulting, software development and project management experts and companies.

THE largest software development network in Finland

Codemen is an IT-consulting company consisting of experienced professionals in their respected fields. Our network covers professionals in several fields in the Nordic countries.

Our mission is to implement complex and challenging software projects and find solutions to our customer’s needs.


Are you competing for the best IT professionals in the recruiting markets? There are projects available but taking them on and being successful requires success in recruiting, as well. Our team of over 5,000 experts ensure that you have the right kind of expertise at your disposal, precisely when you need it.

We deliver an individual specialist, or an entire developer team for your project.

Codemen is a consulting company consisting of experienced professionals in the software industry. We are also Finland’s largest software company network that brings together Finland’s best experts and businesses in consulting, software development and project management.


Our culture is relaxed, and we support people to be themselves. As employer we value equality, and we believe in fairness in treating our employees. In our working community everyone has a chance to have their voices heard. We have heard that our people are exceptionally friendly!

Our people play a vital role in our company culture, and everyone is included building it better.

As a low hierarchy company we want to see things moving forward and problems solved – no matter how or in what way they are solved.

Are you a solid software development professional?

Do you have a broad view of modern IT solutions and experience from large projects? We are constantly looking for new experts – send an application and take the next step in your career!

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