Codemen purchases a stake in Finland’s leading robotic process automation and artificial intelligence expert company

Codemen and the artificial intelligence expert, AI4Value, will jointly provide robotic process automation and artificial intelligence solutions to their customers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in the IT market, and new companies are established at a growing rate. AI cannot be utilized at the desired rate if a sufficient amount of data is not available or the quality of the data is not good enough. Robotic process automation is an effortless, fast and sensible solution for data collection. A software robot collects data constantly and provides the AI with the required data feed. Robotic process automation is often a fundamental requirement for the utilization of AI solutions.

“Codemen implements IT projects that support its customers’ business operations. The new collaboration with AI4Value provides us with the required addition in AI know-how in this competitive field of technology. We co-operate closely with Q-Factory, a testing and quality assurance service provider. Our strength is our partnership program which enables Codemen to find solutions to its customers’ demanding challenges,” explains the Chairman of Codemen Oy’s Board, Misa Ahola, who quickly recognized the potential of AI4Value.

“AI4Value is an exceptional start-up, as their business starts with a ready portfolio of solutions. The founders of AI4Value, Katriina Valli and Pasi Karhu, offer the AI field consulting, training and project work services and, above all, algorithms,” says Ahola.

AI4Value’s robotic process automation expert Katriina Valli is known as an advocate of automatic data processing. Pasi Karhu has as many as 15 years of experience in AI-based product development and business. The natural language identification and proactive analytics algorithms developed by him are the core of AI4Value’s business. Codemen supports and catalyzes AI4Value’s growth by providing a ready operational environment and a network of partners.

“AI4Value is a high-growth company with finished AI solutions ready for production. The fact that Misa Ahola and Codemen realized our potential makes us very inspired and thankful. The services the two companies provide complete each other, but what is even more important is that our company cultures and values match very well. The only possible end result for this union is a good one,” states Katriina Valli.

Further information:

Misa Ahola
+358 50 346 5010
Codemen Oy

Katriina Valli
+358 50 50 15 403
AI4Value Oy


Misa Ahola

Misa Ahola


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